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Creating an event for beer enthusiasts in the near future? A fun but challenging task perhaps, especially when you want to get all the details exactly right. Regardless of what your event is about, it can be a struggle to get it all together in time. But there is help to get. Here are a few tips that can help you to create the best beer-tasting event possible, without losing your cool.

Make a detailed timeline

What needs to be done and when? Make sure to set realistic deadlines and plan accordingly. Plan well in advance and create a good schedule with all the tasks. Put your team members into groups with well-chosen leaders, these groups will then get certain areas assigned to them. This way more things can be done in less time. 

Value the vision

The vision should be the base of all decisions made for the beer tasting event. Make sure you have a vision board or mood board visible for all people involved so that all can turn to this when in doubt. This way you will get unity in all areas of the event planning process. When all people know exactly what is expected of them and their efforts, as well as what the end result should look like, it is more likely that the event will be successful.

Simplify with a digital platform

Use a tool specifically designed to help you with organizing, planning, and arranging different kinds of events. This way you will have more time over for the more important things, and the tool can handle the less fun, but important, administrative work. The platform Magnet for example you can use directly from any device, anywhere at any time, the only thing you need is an internet connection. Being able to have control over all parts of the event from one place makes organizing event much easier.